Invest in your own sustainability

Never before has sustainability been as important as it is now. Whether we're talking about the environment or economy, sustainability is a factor we need to take into account. It also applies when we talk about health.

An investment in your health is an investment in your own sustainability. Don't put off to tomorrow what can be done today, so contact me for help to reach your best self!

My services

A free consultation is always included before you sign up, where we go over the conditions and how I coach.

Diet plan

Diet plan

We create a diet plan with focus on creating new habits and routines, and this plan is based on your desired goals and conditions. The diet plan contains ready-made recipes and is adapted to your needs. Every week we do a follow-up on how things are going, so we can adapt and correct if necessary. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day!

Workout plan

Workout plan

We create a training plan based on your needs. You may want to become stronger, improve endurance, gain flexibility or simply to become more all-round and sustainable. Together we come up with a training plan that aims to reach your goals. All programs are based on both science and my extensive experience.


Diet and workout plan

We create a complete program with both diet and training, where everything is adapted to your needs. It could be strength, endurance, weight loss or sustainability. The synergy between effective nutrients and exercises makes you reach the goal faster. This is the most common plan, at the best price.

Personlig Träning

Personal training

Book me as your personal trainer! I'll motivate you in the right direction, give you tips on good exercises, and I'm there as a guide throughout the session so that you can push yourself to the max. Give yourself a gift that gets results and increases motivation! Only available in Stockholm, Sweden.

About me

Training has been an important part of my life, and I have been actively competing ever since the age of 10, in a variety of sports such as ice hockey, soccer and strength sports. For around 10 years I belonged to the Swedish bodybuilding elite, and managed among other things to become a four-time Swedish champion, and have also participated in both the European and World Championships. In the mid-90s, I got my Personal Trainer degree, and have for several years helped and coached both competing athletes and ordinary people who want to change their lifestyle, or maybe just get a little stronger.

My training philosophy is very much about being all-round and functional, ie. the training must include strength, agility, endurance and versatility. The older you get, the more important these factors become. Through my own training and how my body developed, but also with the help of the clients I have coached over the years, I have acquired invaluable knowledge that is hard to get from books. The same goes for diet, which is absolutely crucial for good results. You should be able to eat everything, but not all time.

My app

The app has everything you need to reach your goals:

  • Personal diet and/or workout program
  • Exercise descriptions
  • Food recipes according to your preferences, allergies and other requirements
  • Chat function
  • Clear statistics on your progress
  • Assessments and follow-ups
  • Updated diet and workout programs when needed
App for mobile


"I have been helped by Fredrik on and off for 10 years to boost my training and getting in shape for the summer. Good to have someone who advises on good meals and training programs, and who is in my corner to push me towards my goals."

Staffan, 46

"Many thanks Fredrik for your extensive knowledge, which has made me understand what mistakes I've made at the gym. With your help I have reduced the weights, improved performance and gained a completely different contact with the muscles. Can highly recommend you to others!"

Anders, 55

"So fun and educational to get help from you! You made me think twice when it comes to diet, but also about the mantra that you train to live and not live to train. Being single with two children doesn't have to be an obstacle for sustainable health. That's something I carry with me all the time."

Carolina, 33


» How long do you need to sign up for?

Every change you make to your body takes time. When you make a lifestyle change with focus on sustainability, you have to allow for at least 4-6 months to get into the routines, and that's when the real results come.

» I am very overweight, can you still help me?

Absolutely! I will adjust the diet and exercises so that you can reach your goals. If it is difficult to perform certain exercises, then there are many alternatives. I also have good tips on low-calorie foods that taste good.

» Can you sign up for only the diet part?

Of course! You can also choose a workout plan only. However, my focus is sustainability, which includes both diet and exercises. So to the get most out of the program, I would recommend that you do both since they are connected.

» If you have an inhibiting injury, does it affect the program?

Of course, and because all plans are tailored to you and your lifestyle, it is important to try to strengthen in and around those areas so you can become as strong and durable as possible.

» How old can you be?

A sustainable lifestyle is important for everyone, regardless of age. When you are 60+, you have great benefit from cardio training, as well as maintaining muscle and bone strength. I have simple workouts that do exactly this, which will prevent injuries that are common as you get older.

» Do you guarantee that I reach my goals?

I guarantee that I will help you on the way to your goals. I give you the tools and the tips, but you do the work. My programs give you optimal chance of succeeding with your goals. Some days it may feel tough, but I will cheer you on and keep you motivated.

» Can you help me get better at hockey or padel?

Sure, I have extensive experience in strength and conditioning training to improve my own and my clients' performance in sports. I'll create a custom program to focus on weak points in your particular sport.

» I've tried every diet, but it just doesn't work!

Maybe it was diets with boring food? Or you didn't combine with physical activities? Maybe you eat snacks without thinking about it? You should see diet as something long-term. Start with small changes that are relatively easy to manage, and adjust step by step. As a bodybuilder I became an expert in losing body fat, because that's what we do before competitions. So I have many tips I can pass on to you. With the right method, anyone can lose weight.

» How often do you have to workout?

As often as you want! A common program is three or four times per week, because that gives good results relatively quickly. If that feels like too much, we start with once per week and see how you get on with it.

» It seems so hard and boring to exercise

If you have been physically inactive for a long time, I can understand that feeling. The first workout sessions are the hardest. But after a few weeks you get used to the exercises, and each session feels easier and more fun. And when visible results come, you will be spurred on to continue. Many people say in retrospect that starting to train was the best choice of their lives.

» How do you pay?

You pay by credit card directly in my app. This takes place over a secure connection to your bank.

» What if I am not satisfied with your coaching?

I follow up with you every week to see how your diet and/or training is going. If necessary, we will adjust the program so that you are satisfied. If you still think it's not working, you can stop the coaching at any time, and then future months' payments are also suspended.

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